Strategy 2.0

Update of the Essent strategy to take into account the most recent market and company developments

  • Essent realized its strategy needed an update because of the new strategy on innogy Group level, completion of several local initiatives and a rapidly changing market
  • The project was a combined effort of Essent Strategy, iCon, Essent Commercial Planning and a third party consultancy for identifying new business opportunities
  • Phase 1 focus was ‘where to play’. Identify value pools in the Dutch energy market, calculate their size based on market potential and combine all value pools to create an overall picture
  • The ‘where to play’ phase included collaboration with and challenge of third party consultancy on identifying new business opportunities
  • Phase 2 focus was ‘how to win’. Determine growth strategy, define necessary changes to organization and working culture and identify efficiency opportunities through operational excellence
  • Key result is a revised and robust Essent Strategy that sets the priorities for the upcoming years, with concrete recommendations to implement in the organisation and a basis for future strategic decision making

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