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We work with international and UK energy leaders to tackle major industry topics, drive sustainable business improvements and shape the energy world of the future

“innogy Consulting & Ventures predominantly serves organizations across the energy value chain. Our consultants drive strategic projects from restructuring to digitization, market entry to process optimization - helping companies fortify their businesses for the future.

We gained experience as the trusted advisor to one of Europe’s leading energy players, delivering large-scale assignments for grid and infrastructure, retail, e-mobility and renewables. Our UK based team combines international cross-industry experience with local market insight, to provide consulting services tailored to individual needs.

In addition we increasingly leverage our ventures to build up a portfolio of highly tailorable solutions for a changing energy value chain, be it in the area of AI and machine learning, behavioral science or blockchain based innovation.”

Our areas of expertise & focus:

We began as an in-house Consultancy, associated with one of Europe’s leading energy players. Today we serve clients both within and external of the innogy Group, retaining our core operational expertise and customer-centricity.

Our consultants bring detailed understanding of the challenges facing the energy market in the UK and Ireland, and combine this with cutting edge skills coming from blue chip consultancies, international corporates, automotive, aerospace, and behavioural sciences backgrounds

We are part of a global energy consulting firm bringing in our expertise in data & digital, change management, leadership development and operational excellence

As well as consulting across the energy value chain, we aim to be a leader of the Smart Living transformation ourselves - with innovative Ventures in the areas of Smart Cities, Smart Energy and Smart Business through in-house development, investments and partnerships

Current trends / challenges we are helping our clients with include

The UK energy landscape is undergoing huge change as challenges – and opportunities – are created by policy, innovation and shifting market forces. The recently activated price cap, ongoing M&A activity and the failure of small retailers are just a few drivers of the current market instability. At the same time, opportunities are being opened up by the falling costs of renewable energy, and the booming e-mobility market. Innogy Consulting help major Utilities players deal with these challenges and make the most out of opportunities available:

  • Last year saw eight small retailers collapse in the UK, with more on the horizon. Although the market remains competitive, these events point to the urgency of having sustainable business strategies and the difficulties independent retailers face in such a quickly changing market. Meanwhile, drawn out M&A activity causes confusion and uncertainty, while the recent price cap is pushing large energy suppliers to cut costs and creates a regulatory risk for new entrants. innogy Consulting has driven transformation programmes to help retailers deal with the challenging landscape as well as being involved with major M&A activity in the Retail space and beyond.
  • More positive developments show the number of electric vehicles rising in the UK, with 50,000 cars already on the road indicating a lucrative opportunity in the market. Some consumers may be drawn to the choice offered by new car models, although many new buyers still need convincing about the practicality of electric cars. Meanwhile, some early models of charging infrastructure are already in need of replacement with more reliable technology, which may put early movers at a disadvantage in the market. This e-mobility trend is supported by the wider push towards energy transformation, driven by ambitious decarbonisation goals and increasing consumer demand for green. innogy Consulting are assisting both a Big Six player and a small supplier in dealing with the changing energy landscape, by helping them develop strategies, drive down costs and generate innovative commercial solutions. We are also working with the largest provider of electric vehicle infrastructure in Europe to hone their market approach based on current trends and developments.
  • As the shift from fossil fuel generation towards renewable alternatives continues, generation businesses are further decarbonising their portfolios with added investment into wind and solar. This has been further bolstered by uncertainty facing UK nuclear development plans, in turn unveiling exciting prospects for renewables developers. Concurrently, businesses are facing the challenges precipitated by the unexpected EU court ruling that rendered the UK capacity market illegal, meaning many conventional power stations are now seeking alternative revenue streams. Last year innogy Consulting supported a major European Renewables player to drive growth across technologies and also improve the development process (from conception to decommissioning) of solar power plants.
  • Ever greater decentralisation and increased renewable generation, has developed the need to make electricity networks more transparent and agile than ever before. Practical technologies such as storage and off-grid generation are becoming increasingly accessible and are set to provide an array of opportunities to empower consumers. Energy distribution businesses are investing in smarter solutions in order to decrease the existing constraints on the networks and improve the mechanisms for coordinated distribution.

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