Team spirit

The solidarity within our ranks is what defines us and contributes substantially to the success of our projects.

And we do not view teamwork as a matter of hierarchy: in our teams, fresh graduates come together with experienced professionals – above and beyond fields of work and international borders. For we believe that together we are stronger. Our managers motivate their teams in every project phase and support them with constructive feedback. Apart from project business, our international offices network intensively at the summer and winter consulting day events. As well as providing a company update, these various events primarily focus on team building.

“The open and positive attitude of the colleagues here at innogy Consulting is what makes this great workplace so special.”
Max Küsters, Consultant

Feedback culture

We know that nobody is perfect. Our corporate culture depends on the willingness of all employees to continuously question their own actions and implement the constructive suggestions of colleagues. An open feedback culture is important to us and is conveyed to new employees from the very beginning as a fixed component of our onboarding phase. Only so can we learn from each other and get the most out of ourselves and our team.

Corporate spirit

The simplest solutions are often not the most successful. Creativity and a certain willingness to take risks are what define us. We like to think outside the box and are always looking for the best result for our projects, driven by our passion for excellence and a way of thinking that is defined by corporate spirit.

Customer orientation

Our internal standards for cooperation also apply for our customers: continuous interaction is important to us. On this basis, we work together to develop the best solutions to get them optimal results.