Björn Selzer


“As a young professional, I had the early opportunity to engage with customers at upper management level and work with them on an equal footing.”

The world as his office

As a trainee for a German development agency in the Philippines, a business analyst in Texas and as a teacher in Columbia and Italy, even prior to starting at innogy Consulting, an international environment played an important role for Björn Selzer. The possibility to take on projects in one of the foreign offices of innogy Consulting – such as in Dubai or Boston – even for extended periods, was one of the main reasons why he decided to start his career with innogy Consulting.


Actively shaping the energy revolution

Influenced by his focus on energy engineering during his degree, his decision meant that he was following one goal above all others: to leave a sustainable mark on the energy revolution and to be a part of the changes in an energy group of historic proportions. “The proximity to topics in the energy sector and the opportunity to actively shape the energy revolution at an integral key player made a clear case for me, one that I did not see in any other company,” Björn Selzer explains. In doing so, he is particularly fascinated by how the various projects work together within the company in order to contribute to the bigger picture.

Promoting cohesion

Björn Selzer was particularly enthusiastic about how his introduction to the company was arranged: “Even before I officially began, I was invited to the Summer Consulting Days. As a result, I was able to meet my colleagues in advance in a relaxed atmosphere and take with me valuable ideas from workshops and key note addresses.” Even after his first day, fostering this cohesion remains a key factor throughout his workday. The open organisation culture, a pleasant employment relationship and a similar mindset among the colleagues make the atmosphere at innogy Consulting special for Björn Selzer. At the same time, this cohesion does not end at the close of business. “We regularly play football with colleagues, go out for a run or to the gym,” Björn Selzer explains. For him, sport is an important way for him to keep his mind and body in balance. The fact that innogy Consulting generally puts so much importance on the personal side of the work–life balance, so that progress isn’t restricted purely to the profession, was a positive surprise for Björn Selzer:

“The focus is always on professional and personal development. innogy Consulting strongly believes in consultants leaving the routine of daily projects in order to get to know different ways of approaching problems through training initiatives and workshops and then implementing these in their day-to-day work.”

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