David Gölz


“The ability to choose freely between offices together with a home-office arrangement makes it possible for me to live where I would like and to work where I have fun."

Strong cohesion

Consulting is the business of people – David Gölz ascertained this on his first contact with innogy Consulting. “I met many colleagues on Assessment Centre day already and felt right at home”, the native Swabian explains. And this positive atmosphere – whether in a project team, at table tennis on office Friday or at a team event – is what defines innogy Consulting for him.

"We have an extraordinary corporate culture that is reflected in the people who work here. I am certain, no matter with whom I may work on future projects, I will get along great with those colleagues, and we will have a lot of fun."

A range of tasks with cutting-edge topics

He also enjoys the wide range of topics and challenges he can tackle on a daily basis and the steep learning curve he faces in the process. “In the short year that I have been at innogy Consulting, I was allowed to participate in many different projects. From the development of a company-wide digital further training portfolio to the development of a business model for entry into the US market to the support of a cross-country and cross-segment programme to increase cybersecurity.”

A passion for digitalisation

The last topic is one that is close to his heart. The field of digitalisation is a personal passion of his. Understanding the technologies that will drastically change the energy sector in the coming years and helping to shape the changes that will result in this industry is his most exciting challenge.

Career prospects: Aim high

In doing so, he endeavours to keep improving himself. For Gölz, the job of a consultant means changing as a result of new projects with new teams and new topics.

"One change that really surprised me is how quickly I myself have grown. In the time I have been at innogy Consulting, I have learned so much and, in the process, determined how I now approach new tasks in a different way than even a few months ago."

The astronomical trajectory of his learning curve to this point mirrors his career wish as a child: astronaut. He was particularly fascinated by how the various nations researched together in order to make life easier, safer and more sustainable. Now, he has also dedicated himself to this aspiration in slightly less celestial spheres – in the earthly energy landscape.

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