Indrani Kaliyan

Senior Consultant Operations

„New ideas are always welcome – and not only that, when ideas are implemented at iCon, I see a level of openness that I am not accustomed to at other corporate consulting firms.“

Open communication and sustainable consulting

Indrani Kaliyan was already impressed by the corporate culture at iCon during her application process as she received honest, constructive feedback from the very beginning. She quickly learned to cherish this openness and appreciation, as she had the opportunity to make a lasting impression on the energy industry as a part of an in-house consulting firm with a flat hierarchy – using creative approaches and not restricted to her own position.

Challenging projects offer a steep learning curve

The huge variety within projects is another plus point for her. Not only does it require a quick understanding of complex subject matter, it also ensures that the job never gets boring. The field of renewable energies is a particular favourite of Indrani Kaliyan. She is fascinated by the possibility of helping shape the future of the energy industry. And with her latest project she did exactly that: the development of a “standard” concept for a solar power system – from design to launch.

“iCon offers me the chance to grow and develop in different directions in the shortest time frames.”

Outstanding team spirit

Similarly to her colleagues from the ambassador programme, Indrani Kaliyan also emphasises the outstanding solidarity at iCon. The support that she gets on a daily basis is something that she does not take for granted. Not least because the consulting industry is known for having a certain competitive mindset. Indrani Kaliyan enjoys working with different colleagues on a variety of projects and talking on a personal level from time to time – something which she sees as a great way to balance her job, which requires a high level of professionalism. If Indrani Kaliyan had the chance to rethink her professional career and start over, she would do everything the same again.

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