Isabelle Roggenkamp

Change Practice Senior Consultant

“In contrast to other management consultancies, here at iCon we place particular emphasis on developing and implementing our strategies jointly with the people they will affect.”

The challenge of the application process

Back when she was at innogy Consulting’s Assessment Center, what Isabelle liked was how the assessments were hugely challenging but also very fair. That’s why she chose innogy Consulting as the springboard for her career. And since then her first positive impression has been confirmed. If you gave her the choice again, the course of Isabelle’s career would be exactly the same. In the interim, her career path after starting as a Management Consultant has led her into the Change Practice as a Senior Consultant.

“If you asked me now, with the knowledge I have today, whether I would make different choices in my professional career, the answer would be an unequivocal “no”.

Opportunities to develop and exciting projects

Transferring from Management Consulting to the Change Practice has been a unique opportunity, according to Isabelle, and a great opportunity to follow her passion. She particularly appreciates the opportunity the move has provided her with to learn quickly and face different challenges head on. She had already had the chance to work on two fundamental change processes during her first three years. The first was from a technical viewpoint (RWE AG restructuring), and the second, from a cultural perspective. Her great ambition is to become a change expert at innogy Consulting. To achieve this, she also takes advantage of the various training opportunities at innogy Consulting. She is currently, for example, attending a two-year coaching course.

“Besides the many training opportunities, I especially appreciate the working atmosphere and the team spirit at innogy Consulting. Even during difficult projects, the team finds time for support and fun.”

Team cohesion and flexible working models

For Isabelle, it's not just her professional tasks at innogy Consulting that make it an outstanding employer, but also the people who work there. On Fridays, when colleagues meet in the Essen office, it feels like a reunion of friends. Even if they are involved in tough or difficult projects, her colleagues find time for support and fun. She believes it’s the intensive work in the team that has taught her the most – from other colleagues but also when she gets to guide and train junior team members.

In addition, she appreciates how flexible the daily job is, allowing her to work when and where she wants. This allows her to take breaks for sports, for example, and to finish her working day with a few last e-mails from the comfort of her own home.

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