Janina Köhler

Project Lead

"At innogy Consulting I have the perfect balance: I can take on a lot of responsibility very quickly, but at the same time shape my development at my own pace. There is no ‘up or out’."

Sustainability through industry collaboration

Do something for sustainability – this was Janina Köhler’s great aspiration once she had completed her degree in engineering management and was looking to start her career. For her, the choice was clear: she wanted to work in the energy sector. Having made this decision, it quickly became clear to her that innogy Consulting was the perfect springboard.

"innogy Consulting is considered to be one of the best internal consulting firms in Germany. I knew that I would be able to learn the most there at the start of my career. Now, after 2.5 years at innogy Consulting, I can say that I was not mistaken in feeling the way I did."

She has also learned a lot about the subject of sustainability in her daily work: “More and more I am noticing how individual industries are merging with each other, that sustainability is a concern everywhere and that it is best achieved by working together.” And this is precisely what her current project is confirming. As part of the development of a smart city concept, she has to collaborate with many other industries, including the automotive branch and the media, to achieve a sustainable result.


A variety of tasks

This variety is exactly what makes the job so exciting for her. Thus she has already faced a wide range of tasks with her projects – from strategy development in sales to business development in the grid division to setting up a new business unit. In the process she has also already gotten to know markets other than the German energy market, for instance with a project for a Dutch subsidiary. “I feel like I learn a lot every day and can truly grow due to the fact that every day brings something new.”

Growth through feedback

The feedback culture at innogy Consulting also contributes substantially to her continued growth:

"At innogy Consulting, a lot of attention is paid to individual development. Thanks to regular evaluations, I have had the opportunity to reflect on myself as well. I have been given lots of space for development and support."

What Janina Köhler values most in the process: learning from each other. This is what makes the work so pleasant, and has also led her to a completely new realisation: “I have learned that colleagues can become true friends."

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