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Competence Field Digital – the driver for digital topics from a strategic point of view

Blockchain, conversational AI or machine learning – these are just a few of the topics we are dealing with in the Competence Field Digital at iCon. But what does the Competence Field Digital stand for? What are our tasks and goals? I would like to give you a few insights on these exact questions.

What does the Competence Field Digital stand for?

At iCon we have different competence fields to build up knowledge and reactively support acquisition efforts. The Competence Team Digital is one of those consisting of 12 consultants who dedicate a part of their time working on digital-related initiatives to drive digital transformation for our clients and in our own organisation forward.

What do we do and why?

Our mission is to:

  • continuously scout for new technologies & trends and identify potentials to build up competitive advantage early on
  • enable consultants to work within a digital environment by digital capability building
  • drive business development by continuously scanning digital requirements of the Group, identifying hot topics and aligning with account manager
  • digitise iCon (e.g. internal tools, processes)

Some of the topics we currently focus on are block chain, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our aim is to understand the technology, discover its relevance for our client’s business and to develop respective implementation scenarios.

Within the block chain technology, smart contracts are one of the fields which a small team within the CF Digital currently analyses in detail. In a nutshell, smart contracts enable automatic execution of contract processes between devices, persons, and institutions increasing process efficiency and data security. Thus, they are definitely a promising technology for the utility segment. Although the first results of the analysis show that the technology is still in a proof-of-concept stage, our colleagues looking at this promising technology and evaluating different use cases to derive potential business impact within innogy.


How we work?

We meet on a regular basis once in a month. In those meetings colleagues have the chance to pitch an idea (incl. budget need) which they want to elaborate on. Afterwards, ideas get prioritised based on the criteria: Strategic fit to innogy Consulting and urgency respectively benefit to our clients. The “prio ideas” will be then worked out in smaller teams. For collaboration, we use digital tools like Microsoft Teams and Planner.

Key values and work principles we represent:

  • 100% commitment & drive to go “the extra mile”
  • openness & impulses for novel ideas
  • applicability, scalability & sustainability of created solutions
  • business focus
  • strong prioritisation and iterative evaluation
  • fail fast principle
  • transparency

My role in the Core Team Digital:

Together with a colleague, I coordinate the work of the Competence Team Digital. My tasks are among others the priorisation of the ideas together with the respective manager at our company, the organisation of regular meetings and stakeholder management. Besides that, I also drive content topics such as conversational AI, i.e. the role of chatbots in recruiting. I am happy to elaborate on this topic in one of my next posts. Stay tuned ;-)

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