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Fit for the future of energy with digitalisation expertise

Digitalisation is without doubt one of the core potentials of our age – and thereby also one of the fields that we at innogy Consulting are regularly involved with. However, in order to exploit the full potential of digitalisation, it is necessary to truly understand new technologies and the opportunities they present. innogy assigned us the project in light of this. The aim: to develop a learning and training portfolio for innogy employees to increase digital competence and drive the digital transformation of the industry and the company in the process.

Task: long term education

Digitalisation is not slowing down for any one field and affects the whole group. As a result, the focus of the project is on developing a holistic, systematic approach to further training that covers all departments and job levels at innogy – such as grid and infrastructure, renewable energy, communication or the top 300 members of management. And it should do so long term – for all employees.

Solution: plug knowledge gaps and eliminate them in pilot projects

In order to develop effective further training concepts, it is first necessary to understand where the greatest deficits exist and where what knowledge is needed. For this reason our first step was to find out this information for seven different target groups in the company. Because one thing was clear to us from the beginning: the different specialist areas and roles have completely individual needs and requirements. This premise also offered the basis for our solution: the development and implementation of individual further training options for every department and every role.

In all of our projects, we require that our solutions don’t just look good on paper, they also work in practice. Our programme here is no exception, which is why we tested it thoroughly before implementation: we implemented trial measures in different company departments to test the further training measures before we made them available to all innogy employees via the central training portfolio.

My role consisted of carrying out interviews as well as design thinking workshops in our target group, Corporate Communications. On this basis, I then worked together with my contacts at innogy as well as various external service providers to design the individual “learning journeys”, which consist of measures such as training sessions, workshops and other learning formats in subjects such as digital marketing, customer orientation or agile project management.


Highlight: top management boot camp

The project did have one main highlight for me: the boot camps for the further training of the top 300 members of management. In a total of three events, we brought them together with world-renowned experts for digital technology such as David Roberts and Jaya Baloo. Topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and cyber security were all on the agenda. Participants got to know the technologies and discussed their implications on the industry and our line of business. We then used these insights as a basis for strategic measures on how innogy can best profit from these technologies.

The result: long-term success assured

With the project, we were able to provide 500 employees in the pilot groups with further qualifications, standardise further training measures and include them in a central training portfolio. This means that all innogy employees benefit from the project. And we can be sure that our project is not only selective, but a sustainable success.

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David Gölz

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