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Free choice of location: working where I like

When choosing who I wanted to work for, two things were very important to me. On the one hand I wanted to take on a challenging and exciting role, but on the other I was definitely a little restricted in terms of location: I grew up in a small town close to Stuttgart and spent most of my life south of the river Main. As a family person, it was important to me to find my first job near to where I’m from.

I am very grateful that innogy Consulting lets me reconcile these two often contradictory wishes: I spend Monday to Thursday in different project locations working on diverse, exciting projects together with my team and our customers. At the same time I have the freedom to take the train back to Heidelberg on Thursday evening where I live with my fiancé. The possibility of working from home on Fridays lets me take on a challenging job as a consultant while still having enough time with my family and friends. I really appreciate the iCon advantages of freely choosing a location and being able to work from home sometimes, and not just because I can enjoy the great weather working from my balcony in summer. These benefits made sure that iCon stood out to me as a potential employer and really distinguished it from the competition – not only amongst in-house consulting firms either.

A change of scenery in Essen

Once a month my work takes me to our head office “Lysegang” in Essen. I mainly use these Fridays to swap news and ideas with colleagues that are working on other projects and that I can’t meet for lunch or a drink during the week. A coffee on the sun terrace of our bar, the Cocobar, is the perfect setting for these meetings with colleagues. Another popular spot is our “Fitpoint”, a place where we can work on our team spirit with a game of darts or mini table tennis. And if stress gets the better of you occasionally, there is a physiotherapist who comes in on Fridays who can help. Last but not least, the spacious atmosphere of our two open spaces in Essen offer the perfect environment for an unforced exchange of ideas.

“As consultants, we can't decide where we work with our customers. That just makes it all the more convenient to be able to choose where we live.” (Patrick Browne)

While Essen is my first choice alongside my home office, other colleagues of course had their own preferences when it came to choosing a location. I asked some of them what it was that made them choose their professional home.

Philipp Pfefferle from Frankfurt: “Our office is located right in the centre of the city, which makes it very accessible and offers great lunch locations close by. Of course, we can also enjoy many other comforts, including coffee, a relaxing sofa corner and a rooftop terrace with an unbeatable view of the Frankfurt skyline. Despite many national and international business trips I always look forward to a day on the job in my native Frankfurt.”
Anja Schnoor from Berlin: “I spent my first two years at iCon in Essen, so I could get to know my colleagues better. But after that I decided to go back to Berlin, mainly so I could spend more time with my boyfriend and old friends from university. In Berlin I enjoy having the chance to swap ideas with colleagues from the LRN Lab as well as the great view from our lounge that covers the whole government district.”
Janina Köhler from Munich: “I always recommend to new colleagues that they start off in Essen so that they can first get to know the people at iCon before moving to the city of their choice after a few months. That’s what I did, then I decided to work in Munich because I love the city and have a lot of friends here. The breathtaking view all the way to the Alps is definitely the highlight of our office – alongside the regular team events, for which we also sometimes meet in the beer garden.”
Patrick Browne from London: “As consultants, we often can’t decide where we work with our customers – we go where we’re needed. That just makes it all the more convenient to be able to choose where we live. The best thing about our office in London is definitely the highly motivated and smart people here, who I just like to spend my time with. Plus the location with a great view of the city and many bars, shops and restaurants nearby.”
Lars Beke from Den Bosch: For me, the office in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, or Den Bosch for short, is the location in the Netherlands with the best work atmosphere; from the beautiful atrium where we have lunch to playing table football with colleagues. Den Bosch itself has an almost village-like air and offers relaxing locations close to the water for an after-work drink as well as a diverse choice of restaurants.
Lukas Hochmann from Prague: “I especially enjoy the small, friendly team in Prague: we get to know each other very quickly and have a lot of fun together during work as well as outside of it. We also sit in the same building as innogy, so building relationships and exchanging information with the client works very well. An additional plus is newly-renovated offices and a small fitness club including a sauna.”
David Jenicek from Boston: “I decided on Boston because I like the dynamic team with true start-up spirit, and because we unite all disciplines under one roof, from business development to marketing to recruiting.”
Vaibhav Singh from Dubai: “The thing that appealed to me about Dubai was the rapid growth of the region together with all its challenges. The biggest advantage for me is the local diversity of cultures: by working with colleagues from more than 10 countries, we all learn something new every day.”

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