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Hands-on mentality and close teamwork – welcome to the Operations Practice

When someone thinks of consulting, they usually think about classic strategic consulting. That being the case, there is now a whole range of other categories. To keep ourselves well equipped for dealing with special enquiries, innogy Consulting has three specialised departments that operate alongside its classic management consulting team: our Digital, Change and Operations Practice departments. I have been a member of the Operations Practice for two years now. But what are the specifics of what we actually do, and what makes it different from the other departments? That is exactly what I want to talk about today.
Alongside our areas of focus with regards to process optimisation, lean transformation etc., our approach is largely defined by the guiding principle “making it happen with an impact”. It is precisely this passion for getting hands-on that makes our department so special. Our focus is on direct  contact with the client and working together with them on developing their projects, often in workshops. In this way, we give them the chance to have an active hand in helping us to come up with the solution. That doesn’t just reduce the need for client review meetings, but it also increases the likelihood of the client being on board with the final solution.

From the concept to the implemented solution

What makes us unique: in addition to developing the strategy, we also accompany our clients throughout its practical execution. After all, the journey doesn’t end with the creation of an idea. It starts with one. To maximise efficiency, we see it as our duty to give companies the means to help themselves. In other words, we lay the groundwork for continued development and improvement, even after we're gone. That means that we are truly successful if the client no longer needs us to deal with that specific problem.

Different backgrounds, one common goal

Our Operations team is made up of highly motivated employees with very different backgrounds. Some of my colleagues come from the pharmaceuticals and automotive industries, while others come from other consulting firms or even the aerospace sector. Our core competencies span from lean management, process design and optimisation, agile frameworks, operational excellence, robotic process automation (RPA), cost reduction, target operating models to lean leadership and many more. Most of us are also certified lean experts and scrum masters.
Our clients and the settings we work in are also very diverse – clients range from the highest levels of management to technicians on the ground, while our work environments can range anywhere from meeting rooms to power plants. To ensure the best possible results, we are often involved in a single project for more than three months, and thanks to our hands-on mentality, we spend a lot of that time on site to be able to see the effects of our work first hand.

Close relationships for maximum results

But as different as we and our projects may be, one thing is constant: teamwork remains an integral part of consulting. That goes for all departments, and especially for the Operations Practice. We can only reach common goals when everyone is motivated and wants to get involved. It is therefore very important to us to develop relationships with our colleagues and clients that go beyond the mere professional level – we cultivate a real, emotional partnership. This extraordinary relationship between clients and consultants is what makes the Operations Practice so special to me. But most of all, it offers me a work environment I wouldn't give up for the world.

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Indrani Kaliyan

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