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Headquarters 2.0: iCon supports creative thinking with new infrastructure

Grey conference room style gives way to colourful design

Previously, our offices were kept in a classic conference room style and driven by functionality. In the scope of the renovations, the white/grey design with round tables, sleek chairs, flip charts and partition walls was replaced by a more creative design. Our technical equipment has been updated and expanded to include wireless alternatives too. The new design with open-plan glass doors is intended to promote communication and teamwork amongst employees.

In addition to this, every floor has its own theme, incorporating the elements water, wind, fire and earth, which stand for the elements of energy generation we work with. Office names such as Den Bosch, Berlin, London, Essen, Munich, Frankfurt, Prague, Dubai and Boston represent our international offices, while the living spaces Living Room, Kids’ Room, Garage, Dining Room etc. create a home-like, familiar atmosphere and represent current, innovative topics such as smart homes and digitalisation.

“This is a place you enjoy spending time!”

The first impressions have been very positive – our visitors are very enthusiastic about the new office spaces. Our international colleagues were over the moon to see their country-themed rooms in person, which they helped design. Our customers also feel very comfortable here. We were able to welcome them with a special full-day workshop – standing-only – with the most modern technology. But staff also need to get used to new ways of working: The new rooms aren’t there for people to spend all day in them, they are there to promote creativity in the team and are ideal for meetings, training events and workshops. Classic desk job activities take place in the Open Space area on the other side of the building.

Grand reopening with cocktails and staff portraits

We inaugurated our new offices with a ceremony and delicious cocktails in March. To make the event more personal, a caricaturist came along as well, whose artworks are now decorating the office walls. The small party was a great start to the weekend and a worthy “grand reopening” for our new offices. And that was just the beginning of the extensive changes taking place at iCon. There are already many new ideas in the making, such as the development of our cafeteria, the “Coco Bar”.

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Kata Soós

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