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iCon rewards exceptional projects: award trip to Rome

Hard work pays off – and can even get you a trip to exciting European cities. At least, that’s how we do things at innogy Consulting. innogy Consulting launched the internal innogy Consulting Award to celebrate our successes and to recognise especially outstanding projects.

All colleagues can vote annually for the best project of the year. Rankings are based on a number of aspects, including efficiency, costs and results. The winning project is always announced during our Winter Consulting Days. A city break in a secret destination then awaits the winning project team. I consider this a very important sign of the level of appreciation for what we do. And it makes working here twice the fun!

I also received two awards in recent years and got to travel with my team to Barcelona and Dublin. But unfortunately, my project team didn’t win this year. Instead, the winning project was: Mobile Workforce Management Digitalisation – aimed at process digitalisation in a customer field force. Benjamin Cordes, a consultant with innogy Consulting, received the award together with his team. Their prize was a trip to Rome for the whole team. In the interview, he talks about how the trip to Rome went and what makes the award so special for him.

Janina Köhler: Congratulations on the award! What is the thinking behind this award?

Benjamin Cordes: Thank you very much. The innogy Consulting Award recognises the best project executed at innogy Consulting in the particular year. My team and I won this year’s award. Projects that have achieved a high strategic impact and stand out due to the particularly strong engagement of the people involved are especially recognised. The award is a great reward for the hard work invested by the entire project team over the previous year.

Janina Köhler: Of course it's wonderful to have your work recognised with an award. But on top of that, you also get to go on a trip. Where did you end up?

Benjamin Cordes: Benjamin Cordes: We were so lucky this year: we got to explore beautiful Rome. The agenda was packed: from a cycling excursion through the city and sightseeing to a tour of the famous Colosseum. But there was still time for relaxation too: we also made a trip to a nearby beach and enjoyed a fantastic Italian dinner.

Janina Köhler: That sounds amazing! So, how is the winning project selected?

Benjamin Cordes: Generally speaking, any project team can apply. The application process always begins in the autumn, before our Winter Consulting Days. First of all, you have to submit a humorous and creative video about your project. Sometimes you are given a set of questions that you can use as a guide. Then the videos are narrowed down: usually all iCon colleagues vote together on which videos have made the biggest impression.
The top three projects are then given the opportunity to present live at our Winter Consulting Days. And then the best project is finally selected during the event. This year’s three finalists were actually so good that they all received the innogy Consulting Award.

Janina Köhler: How did you and your team win over the jury?

Benjamin Cordes: We used the Game of Thrones series as our inspiration for our live performance. We wanted the various characters from the series to reflect the different project modules. The project involved digitalising a large number of processes in our customer’s field force and featured various modules, including software development by partners, hardware selection, staff training and planning the go-live of the new processes. Our presentation was well received.

Janina Köhler: That sounds interesting. It’s really unusual to consider your own project work in this way. What do you think of the innogy Consulting Award concept?

Benjamin Cordes: At innogy Consulting, we never hold back when it comes to our customers and we always work hard on every project. This kind of award is great recognition for our engagement.
I also think it is a super opportunity to look at your own project from a completely different perspective and to be creative and reflect in a new way. After all, we wanted to create a video that would illustrate our project work in a humorous way but also make it easy for outsiders to grasp the key information. While producing storylines for customers is our bread and butter as consultants, we are not so used to producing these kinds of videos.
But the trip to Rome was also a good opportunity for me to get to know colleagues better, those that I don’t work with every day on projects. After all, from consultant to partner level, everyone involved in our projects really plays their part. And this in turn further strengthens cohesion at innogy Consulting.

Janina Köhler: Thank you very much for the interesting interview and the exciting insights you have given us.

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