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innogy becomes E.ON – when two energy giants become one

Even though we are often dealing with company mergers and takeovers in our daily work, integrating innogy into E.ON was an especially big challenge for us. On the one hand, this is because we have such a close relationship with one of the partners. On the other hand, it is simply because of the sheer scale of the task: when it involves 13 European countries, around 40 million customers and around 80,000 employees, the move suddenly starts to look very overwhelming due to its scale and complexity. Nonetheless, we were all really happy to be involved in such a profound project with so many challenges and got stuck into the job of reshaping the energy sector.

Challenge: forming a new unity

So what did this look like exactly? Over a year ago, we set off on an intensive journey with the goal of becoming Europe’s biggest energy provider. Working closely with our colleagues at E.ON, we submerged ourselves in the many, varied strategic and operative topics of the project in an attempt to define the future of the new and improved E.ON – a long and exciting process.

In the middle of September the takeover was given the go-ahead: theory became practice. Now that the big day has arrived, we are actually already very close to achieving a new unity thanks to our comprehensive preparatory work. The performance of the highly efficient teams and clear strategic decisions at management level beforehand and throughout the entire process ensured a smooth transition – as far as that can be discerned.

All the hard work and the outstanding teamwork with our colleagues at E.ON contributed to the development of the new E.ON. Now it is time to put our results to the test in the implementation phase.

With confidence into the future (of energy)

However, we are confident that the “one team, one goal” model that we developed over the course of our cooperation continues to grow and bring positive changes for us, for the employees and for the customers – so that energy is finally made easy.

I feel very privileged to be part of this unique process and to learn from the experiences it brought with it. In a few years, a very big team and I will be very proud of what we achieved. This milestone in the energy sector will put our names down in history. Here’s a toast to the new E.ON!

An article by

Neel Das

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