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My first 100 days – onboarding, training boot camp, a work-shadowing phase and my first project

How should I interact with my new colleagues? How will I be perceived by clients? Which tasks can I take on as a job starter? A lot of questions went through my head during my first day working at innogy Consulting. Having completed my master’s degree as well as several internships and gaining initial experience in a consulting firm, I felt more than ready to begin my career. Something I was particularly excited about was finally being able to really get started after my studies.

My first unofficial meet-up with colleagues at the Consulting Days in Riga

Things started off faster than expected. Even before my official first day of work, I was unexpectedly invited to the Summer Consulting Days in Riga. The event is held twice a year and brings the entire company together – including job starters as I was at the time – for two days of workshops, presentations and networking. Fitting for the season and summery temperatures in the Latvian capital city, this year’s Consulting Days were centred around the theme of the summer solstice. I arrived alone and felt extremely welcome from the very beginning. I was able to get to know quite a few of my future colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere before even starting at the office. That only intensified my anticipation and excitement about entering this new phase in my life.

Consultant lessons 101 during orientation days

My first real day of work started two weeks later. Firstly, I met other job starters who would be completing the three-day onboarding programme and subsequent five-day training boot camp with me. Topics and tools for consultants as well as topics concerning the energy sector for the company were discussed in various modules as part of the onboarding process. The business support divisions Assignment, Communications and HR were also introduced. Then during the training boot camp, a consultant’s essential tools – such as the pyramid principle of communication and project management – were expanded upon once again in even more intense training sessions. That really helped me get on board. I also had many opportunities to meet new colleagues during those first few days, as every workshop was held by a different consultant and a socialising event had also been organised for job starters on one evening. I had already noticed during the Consulting Days that innogy Consulting highly values the further development of its employees and open communication among colleagues. That impression was confirmed once again during the onboarding and training sessions.

Initial experience during project work-shadowing

During onboarding, I was already approached by some of my colleagues and welcomed on board their project. After job starters complete orientation days, they go through what is called a work-shadowing phase. During this period of one to two months, each job starter visits different projects. The aim is to gain a feel for work methods and the current types of projects. Moreover, experienced colleagues were able to get a feel for how I work, which made it easier for them to gauge which project would be the best fit for me after completing the work-shadowing phase. While working on my first work-shadowing project, I ran analyses for a workshop for the implementation of a retail B2B strategy. It was also during this time that I met my mentor. Every job starter is given support by a mentor who helps with any possible problems or questions. That might be figuring out how to use new tools or which person you should contact with specific questions or even where to find freshly pressed fruit juice. The idea is brilliant: if you are able to learn those little everyday tips directly at first hand, getting acclimated is that much easier.

My first project: service provider optimisation

Right after my work-shadowing phase, I was told that my first project would be starting in the next few days. Because the project had been acquired at short notice and there was a lot of ambiguity with the actual client, it was even more exciting. I was also able to get started quickly with the first meeting with my project manager, the first meeting with the client and the first task packages. As the sole consultant besides my project manager, I was responsible for the coordination and transparent preparation of information in a relatively large team comprising a legal department, auditing, sales, sales management, IT and data protection. Our task was to optimise the management of service providers. Thanks to my project manager’s exceptional support and experience, getting stuck into my first project was very easy for me and we were able to solve every problem that emerged.

The verdict after 100 days

The first three months went by quickly due to how action-packed daily consultant work often proves to be. In retrospect, my first 100 days proved to me that getting started as a consultant at innogy Consulting was the right decision. What really impressed me was the fantastic teamwork and support from my project manager and colleagues, which has me excited to get started on my new project in the Netherlands.

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Björn Selzer

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