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Staying active throughout the day with the iCon Fitpoint

The most valuable asset of any company is its employees. As Richard Branson once put it: “Take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of your business.” He hit the nail on the head; the success of a company largely depends on the health and happiness of its workers. Studies have confirmed that promoting the health of employees in the workplace increases their productivity and motivation. And innogy Consulting is no exception. Our success as a company depends on our personal well-being and happiness at work.
That’s just one of the many reasons why, over the last few years, iCon has been developing ways to improve the team’s health and well-being. A case in point is Fitpoint, which we opened at our headquarters in Essen in April 2016.

Getting moving in the office

Fitpoint offers a variety of multifunction exercise equipment, including a rowing machine, an ergometer, a mini trampoline and various blackrolls and fascia rolls. Brief but effective sessions in the studio allow us to stay active in the office. Fitpoint provides us with a variety of exercises to get us moving at any time of the day, whether between appointments, or before or after a meeting. Personally, the change in pace helps me clear my head and recharge my body, leaving me fit and awake for new tasks.
Above all, I like the fact that training at work is simple and can be done independently. The best thing is that I can even do the exercises in my work clothes, and without sweating – what counts is loosening up, staying flexible and concentrating on something else for a short time, before moving on to new tasks. In addition to the training exercises that everyone can independently enjoy, Fitpoint also includes group activities with the own team. Whether playing darts or mini table tennis together, we all have fun.

Individual training and coaching

On Fridays, Fitpoint provides another special highlight. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. a team of physiotherapists visits us to offer specialised training. Particular emphasis is placed on individual and specific problems, physical needs and training preferences. The trainers also show us exercises that we can do on our own while travelling or in a hotel. The visits by the team of physiotherapists and the special training sessions that they provide have helped us consign back pain and headaches to the past.
Every two weeks, the team of trainers also provides 15-minute information events and sporting challenges to boost the fun of exercising in Fitpoint. All employees receive an optional bonus card, which is stamped after each event. If you take part in at least six of these events, innogy Consulting rewards you with a small sporting gift.

What’s next?

Fitpoint is just one example of how innogy Consulting is contributing to the health and motivation of employees. On “office Fridays” the morning is accompanied by freshly-prepared smoothies. What better way to make a positive start to the day than with a shot of energy and vitamins?

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Kata Soós

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