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Welcome aboard... these five new ambassadors will be supporting the e-magazine in future

I have been an iCon ambassador since August 2018 and have already written about exciting topics including the future of energy supply and the extensive staff training opportunities at innogy Consulting. It is exactly that which defines the iCon ambassador program for me: I can report on current, innovative topics, let readers be a part of interesting, diverse projects at iCon and give them insights into the everyday lives of consultants. I am very happy that we will now be receiving additional support for our e-magazine with five new ambassadors joining the team. Indrani Kaliyan, Isabelle Roggenkamp, Daniel Sochaczewski, Sebastian König and Neel Das are a real win for the magazine, because they all bring their specialist knowledge from the different Practice departments. In this article, I will talk about what inspired them to become part of the iCon ambassador programme.

Indrani Kaliyan, known as “Indu”, has been a Senior Consultant in Operations Practice in Essen since 2017. Originally she comes from India, but she moved to France for a master’s degree in international business. Before joining the energy industry, she had already gained experience in the automotive and aerospace sector.

Indu, why do you want to become an ambassador for innogy Consulting?

Indrani Kaliyan: “To keep it short and simple: I am very happy to have the opportunity to write for the magazine in the future, because I want to share what we do with the world – and let everyone be a part of our great team, the corporate culture and the exciting projects that we work on every day here at iCon.”


Isabelle Roggenkamp studied international business at Maastricht University and moved on to complete a master’s in business and economics at the Copenhagen Business School. In April 2016, Isabelle joined innogy Consulting as a Management Consultant, and later transferred to Change Practice, where she was promoted to Senior Consultant as early as June 2018.

Isabelle, you are now also part of iCon’s ambassador programme. Why did you decide to start writing for the magazine?

Isabelle Roggenkamp: “I am looking forward to representing the Change Practice department because it is a part of iCon’s holistic consulting approach and is what distinguishes us from other consulting firms. The main difference to traditional consulting projects is that we lead customers through a guided process and enable them to find their own results rather than giving them a finished solution on a plate. We empower our customers throughout the process so that they become aware of their own patterns, can adapt them to their objectives and become more effective. I also want to reveal a glimpse of the people and the faces behind innogy Consulting that make it what it is. For me, that mostly means the people that make the corporate culture, and iCon as an employer as a whole, so special and unique.”


Daniel Sochaczewski was born in Poland and has since made the world his oyster. His studies took him to Groningen in the Netherlands, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Sydney in Australia. He has a bachelor’s degree in international business management, which he augmented with a degree in European business studies. In 2017, after ten years as Senior Manager at Accenture Strategy, he joined innogy Consulting and became a Principal Consultant in Management Consulting.

Daniel, what inspired you to get involved in the iCon magazine?

Daniel Sochaczewski: “I am a big fan of the corporate culture and the work atmosphere at innogy Consulting. We have an environment that promotes the growth of every individual employee and enables people to achieve great things. That’s why I would like to represent my company and its culture to others. I personally believe that innogy Consulting is the right place to grow and develop at a fast pace both professionally and personally.”


Digital projects are Sebastian König’s strong suit. That was already clear in his school days, when he advised small companies on various digital projects – ranging from infrastructure to web applications. Sebastian began his career over 14 years ago at the digital agency Sapient Nitro. He has been on board at iCon as Director Digital & Data since August 2018.

Sebastian, why do you want to start writing articles for our e-magazine?

Sebastian König: “The thing I like most about innogy Consulting is the all-round package it offers. For me, this package includes exciting, diverse projects, an outstanding corporate culture and unusually strong solidarity amongst the team. innogy Consulting lets me grow. And that is something I would like to share with others.”


Neel Das completed his Bachelor and Master’s in Maths & Science and Economics in India & the UK. He gained his professional experience at Ernst & Young and the PA Consulting/Carlyle Group - in 2017 he joined innogy Consulting as Principal in the UK Practice. Neel regularly shares his work of "iConers" on LinkedIn.

Neel, why did you want to become an ambassador for our e-magazine?

Neel Das: "I was chosen apparently for writing annoying articles on Linkedin so that paid off. On a serious note, we as innogy are going through a major transition. It is important to use all available channels to broadcast the niche work we deliver to our clients. We may be small but we are formidable and our future clients need to know what magic we can do for them."


Thank you for a great first impression! I am already looking forward to many interesting articles from our new ambassadors.

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Janina Köhler

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