Why innogy Consulting?

As one of the biggest internal management consulting firms in Germany we carry innogy and RWE forward on an international scale. In the scope of your career at innogy Consulting you will work on consulting projects spanning the entire value chain of the energy sector.

The first 100 days

At innogy Consulting, varied and challenging projects await you from the very first day. To ensure that the start of your innogy Consulting career is a successful one, you will first go through various onboarding modules and get to know our most important consulting tools. Additionally, every job starter receives a mentor to assist and advise them.

This is what the first 100 days as a Consultant at innogy Consulting look like:

Step 1:

Three-day onboarding phase at the innogy Consulting headquarter in Essen:

We want to integrate you into our team and our company from the beginning and prepare you as well as possible for your job as a consultant. For this reason, new employees start their innogy careers with a three-day onboarding phase at our Essen headquarters. During this phase, we introduce you to topics relating to the energy sector and present the special consulting tools we use at innogy Consulting. Additionally, we present the Assignment, Communications and HR business support divisions.

Step 2:

Network from day one:

On the one hand, the aim of the onboarding days is to provide you with an overview of the energy sector as well as the projects and customers of innogy Consulting. On the other hand, we put a lot of emphasis on networking from the very beginning. In this vein, the onboarding modules are held by various different consultants and there is also a social evening with a get-together, snacks and drinks.

Step 3:

Five-day training boot camp:

Communications training, agile working, project management: on completion of the onboarding phase, new employees can look forward to a week full of interactive training units at a five-day boot camp. This serves to provide participants with the most important consulting tools and working methods specific to innogy Consulting right from the beginning of their innogy careers.

Step 4:

Three-week work-shadowing phase (for graduates):

As a graduate, you shadow a different project every week. This gives you a comprehensive insight into the various fields and the consulting profession at innogy Consulting right from the beginning your innogy career.

Step 5:

100 days or more of mentoring:

Everyone who starts their career at innogy Consulting gets a mentor to assist them. Different concepts of assistance are available depending on need.

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Career pathways and prospects

Opportunities for advancement and specialisation
Stagnation is not an option with us. For instance, after one to three years you have the possibility to make the first leap in your innogy career and be promoted to Senior Consultant, and some years later to Project Lead or Management Partner.

Expansion of energy expertise
innogy Consulting offers its employees various training and coaching options – not only at the start of their innogy careers either. In this way, innogy consultants can not only build on their energy expertise, they can also strengthen their social skills and optimise their management qualities.

Six training categories
innogy Consulting has six different categories of training: project management, analysis, client management, leadership, communication as well as expert individual training. Additionally, innogy Consulting consultants can draw on a large selection of online training options to help them with their job.

Steep learning curve
The aim of our various training options is to help consultants master the steep learning curve that is required in the consulting world. For this reason, each employee can make use of 10 training days a year.

Performance review circle
The individual performance of innogy Consulting consultants is reviewed and compared at a halfyearly performance review circle. This lets every employee know where he or she stands and what possibilities there are for further development in the scope of his or her career at innogy.

Guidance and development principle
We go by the guidance and development principle: we support our employees in the targeted planning and advancement of their careers at innogy with the help of regular feedback discussions and individual advice.


Would you like to find out more about our company? You can find information about our projects, the application process and the entrance opportunities at innogy Consulting here. Do you still have any questions? Our experts will be happy to advise you on everything regarding your innogy Consulting career.

Questions about students

How are job starters and experienced professionals integrated into the company at the beginning?

After an onboarding phase and, if necessary, a work-shadowing phase, you will be directly assigned to projects.

Questions about graduates

How are job starters integrated into the company at the beginning?

After an onboarding phase and, if necessary, a work-shadowing phase, you will be directly assigned to projects.

Questions about professionals

How are job starters integrated into the company at the beginning?

After an onboarding phase and, if necessary, a work-shadowing phase, you will be directly assigned to projects.

General questions

What language should my CV and motivational letter be in?

Please write your CV and motivational letter in English or German. Applications are required to be in English for positions in the Netherlands, United Kingdom or Czech Republic.

Can I apply for several positions?

In principle you can apply for multiple positions at the same time online. The recruiters will decide which position is most suited to you.

Are the online test and telephone interview carried out on different days?

You can complete the online test and telephone interview in one go.

What documents do I have to include in my application?

Please include your motivational letter, CV as well as all relevant employment references and certificates of study. Documents that are not yet available can be submitted later.

Do you offer interns the possibility of staying on directly as consultants?

Those who have already completed an internship at innogy Consulting no longer have to participate in the entire application procedure. They just have to complete the assessment centre section.

Is there the option of writing a final thesis in cooperation with the company?

A thesis can only be written in cooperation with us if you have completed an internship with us. You have to find a topic and sponsor on your own initiative.

What type of projects will I have at innogy Consulting?

At innogy Consulting, you will work on projects spanning the entire value chain. That includes: reorganisation, efficiency improvement programmes, process optimisation, strategy development, retail, business development, digitalisation, change and lean management. Purely technical projects such as power plant maintenance, installation of charging stations, construction of wind parks etc.
are not a part of the portfolio.

How long do projects go on for?

Projects usually last 3–6 months, in some cases longer. In order to change perspectives, our consultants swap projects every 3 or 4 months.

What language skills are required?

English and the language of the office location in question are required at a level of at least C1.

How high is the percentage of international projects?

The percentage of international projects is around 50% (based on all offices). Alongside Germany, we also provide consultation services in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, UAE and USA. In Dubai, we offer external strategic energy consulting. In the USA we are currently involved in
business development.

Can I also work internationally? What criteria are used to staff the international positions?

In principle, all consultants in our central pool are spread out over all projects. Preferences, such as the wish to work internationally, are taken into consideration. Assignment managers and account managers work together to coordinate the projects. In doing so, they consider availability/requirements, the demands of the project, the suggestions of the project head as well as individual preferences.

What differentiates innogy Consulting from other internal consulting firms?

We work very closely with the customer on projects spanning the entire value chain – from energy production, trade and infrastructure to sales. Our consultants help shape the evolution of the energy market. They are engaged with the customer from the beginning and can start building up their own network from the very first day.

How is the work–life balance at innogy Consulting?

We offer a good work–life balance in the consulting environment. Depending on the project and project phase in question, we offer our employees sabbaticals, part-time models as well as support finding child supervision and age care.

How high is employee turnover at innogy Consulting?

innogy Consulting employees stay with us for an average of 3–5 years, whereby most employees move to other roles within the group and continue to advance their careers at innogy.

What options are there for further development?

Our employees continuously develop themselves on the job by constantly being assigned to different projects. We have an extensive training portfolio at our disposal as well as a pre-structured development plan for the individual departments. Further measures vary depend on the individual and result from project evaluations, for instance.

Can I specialise on specific areas?

It is possible to work in specialist fields such as grid, digital, cross-function and generation. Special training is available for change and operations practices.

Are position changes in the group supported? What type of positions are up for grabs after a change?

Depending on what positions are available as well as your personal situation, network and interests, position changes are possible within the group and are supported by innogy Consulting. However, no fixed positions are kept in store.

What further training does innogy Consulting offer?

innogy Consulting has a portfolio of external, internal and spotlight training sessions at its disposal. Training sessions are clustered around consulting criteria such as project management, customer management, communication etc. Individual training measures are made possible based on need. Each consultant can make use of 10 training sessions a year.


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