We facilitate Change processes in industries facing major disruptions. Through our interventions we enable sustainable change by empowering organizations to successfully navigate complex transformations.

Systemic Principles

"Our understanding of change and all our interventions are based on a systemic approach and the core belief that change happens and can’t be managed"

Our approach & USP:


We are experienced process experts, coaches, consultants and sparring partners.

Customer centricity

We work closely together with our customers to develop tailor-made concepts for their Change challenges.

Intervention design

We design interventions and Change programs to address and resolve dysfunctional dynamics and patterns.

Systemic Change

We accompany our clients in a systemic and holistic way.

Some focus topics of our Practice Group:

  • Building Change capabilities of individuals, teams and organizations
  • Fostering (Agile) Leadership in times of change
  • Enhance understanding how to manage challenges and overcome crises
  • Making and implementing decision despite risks and threats
  • Dealing with ambiguity while strengthening uncertainty tolerance
  • Honing resilience and dealing with emotions

Change Practice @ innogy Consulting

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Change Leadership Program
Large Scale Transformation