Change Leadership Program

Group-wide Change Leadership Program supporting teams to deliver large-scale transformations

We accompany project teams to successfully implement large scale transformations in a sustainable way and build capabilities on self, team and organizational level. Each team process starts with a common frame which then gets enriched with client-specific needs in order to realize a tailor-made process.

As change experts we guide the teams on how they approach Change, unveiling and addressing team dynamics to improve team coherence and efficiency. Additionally, we also offer personal coaching supporting the individuals to further develop their own Change and leadership competencies.

Up to today, more than 500 Project Leads participated in the full program and another 500 have participated in the 2-day Change impulses.

Program Examples

1) The leadership team of the opencast-mines was re-organized from a site-organization to a functional steering, where they had to collaborate across the team. Through our support, they managed to change their way of working becoming more transparent, trustful and acting as one leadership team steering the full business while having prepared the launch of their new organization.

2) Three teams from different areas of RWE and innogy had the ambition to introduce “lean” in their departments. We helped them to set up their projects in an appropriate Change approach, role modeling lean in their teams and learning from each other through the joint workshop approach

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