Large-scale Transformation

Taking a former monopoly towards an innovative driver of the energy transition.

Through the energy transition, our client was confronted with major external changes making also a large scale internal transformation necessary - from an organization who was skilled in managing a monopoly business towards an organization that would actively drive the energy transition and constantly innovates itself.

The Change Practice led this large-scale transformation. We started to measure the organizational health of the whole and of individual parts. The results clearly stated the need to transform and enabled a Change movement. We first attended the Top Team Alignment in the Board, gradually expanding downwards until we had reached all 1800 leaders of our client. We created a companywide Change manager network, which is since then supporting the continuous change. Bottom-up, we introduced a Change Leadership Program, to accompany the most relevant project teams in implementing their desired efforts quickly and sustainably. Since the start, more than 500 Project Leaders have been skilled up.

As a result, leaders are more aware of the required leadership and culture necessary to persist in a faster changing environment. The Board and Senior Leadership Team have grown closer together, leading with a similar mindset. Large-scale projects needed for the turn-around were delivered faster and in a more sustainable way. Additionally, the project leads transferred their built capabilities into their new teams, creating one common Change approach in the company.

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Change Leadership Program