Group-wide program to introduce New Ways of Working (NWoW)

The group-wide NWoW program aims at continuous improvement of performance and raising efficiency via the introduction of new ways of working. The program builds capabilities to fundamentally change the daily way of working and how people are led, thus paying into the innogy mission.

Enable leaders

As Change Practice we drive the work stream “Leadership & Direction” to enable leaders to showcase clear leadership and give direction to their teams.

Develop teams

To do this, we work with the leadership teams to discover and address dysfunctional patterns on personal and team level which are not helpful in driving the business and are in the way of good teamwork.

Coach individuals

Additionally, we support our the individual leaders via Personal Coaching to further develop their own Change and leadership competencies.

Program Example

During the restructuring of their business, our client’s leadership was facing conflicts on personal levels. This resulted among others in poor client end employee feedback.

Our Change Consultants accompanied a team development to align the leaders on what to do (strategy, products) and how to do it (roles & responsibilities, decision making, interpersonal conflicts) so that they could best fulfill their role.

Observing the interaction of the individuals within the team, dysfunctional patterns of behaviors and actions were discovered and addressed. The leadership team then spent intensive time with the Change facilitator breaking those patterns and resolving existing conflicts. To do this we applied e.g. creativity methods, feedback formats, story-telling and facilitated an open dialogue on regular basis.

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