For our clients we discover new business opportunities or optimization potential based on digitalization. By implementing these we realize measurable value.

While other consultancies often leave you with a high level concept for your digital projects, we continue with the implementation of the concept to realize its benefits.

  • In the area of customer & user experience we provide services in all stages: from user research over concept phase and design to prototyping and end with an implemented website or app.
  • To improve your digital marketing we help you defining your strategy, develop your data usage to maximize value and choose and implement the right technology stack.
  • For your assets (e.g., wind or solar power plants) we conduct optimisation analysis services including data driven use cases like predictive maintenance or dashboards for operational insights and monitoring.
  • We help you discover and document existing business processes and based on their analysis and prioritization we use robot process automation to make these more efficient.
  • To develop your work environment & education concerning digitalization we offer support in selecting and introducing the best fitting tool stacks, workshops and training segments around new ways of working, agile,… and much more.
  • We support you to realize additional value streams from data you already own by offering data services as data strategy, data management, advanced analysis and visualization.
  • We leverage your technology wherever possible and help to derive more value from your existing systems or offer you to run your projects on our infrastructure.

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