Integrating renewables trading

Integrate group-wide renewable trading functions into conventional trading unit.


Our client, a leading energy trader in Europe, planned to integrate renewables trading activities from diverse renewable and retail companies into their existing commercial asset optimisation activities to leverage size, expertise and portfolio effects.


Develop an end-to-end overview of the relevant renewable trading activities within commercial asset optimization and management.

Identify the activities and understand their interdependencies with the different businesses.

Identify renewable assets (physical, certificates, other contracts and products) within the different companies.

Develop multiple options for the to-be organisation with all of the trading desks and the leadership team.

Detail the roadmap for the target operating model (TOM) definition and identify critical HR path and exit tax issues.


  • Through the increased transparency we have strongly improved the understanding of the TOM scope and its feasibility and outlined the next steps for our client.
  • Detailed asset overview of renewable physical assets, certificates, related contracts and products
  • TOM-hypotheses options for integrated organisational (desk) structure
TOM for future generation portfolio
Digitalization in Renewables