Best in class targets for support functions (BIC-T)

Brief summary of the project

In the project "Best in Class Targets", we looked into the future with our client’s Management Support functions. Together with the functional heads, we developed strategic targets for 2022 and beyond. This strategic positioning of the management support functions ensures long-term efficiency and prepares the functions for current and future challenges.

Who did we work with?

The project was directly coordinated with top-management of our client. The function heads were responsible for developing the content in close cooperation with the project team.

What was the starting position?

innogy was founded in 2016 as a "fast moving company" with a commitment to "radical innovation". The management support functions have set themselves the goal of becoming the "best in class in their respective fields". The resulting targets for the years 2022 and beyond ensure the efficient operation of the functions in the long term and prepare them for current and future challenges, such as the increasing automation of processes.

What was our approach?

With our support, the functions have worked out what “Best in Class” means for their function. To this end, we looked over the horizons of the company, asked the customers of the functions and made the functions radically question themselves in "self-challenge workshops".

For the such identified fields of development, the functions have defined which key performance indicators (KPIs) are used to make success measurable and defined measures to establish implementation managers and a Degree of Implementation (DoI) process. The implementation of the measures is tracked sustainably using the "iCon Track" tracking tool.

What are the key achievements?

With our help, our client set ambitious targets for the medium to long-term future, which will be measured with KPIs and achieved with tangible measures.

In many instances, measures were already being implemented. E.g. RPA was used to automate processes, artificial intelligence was piloted in recruiting and complete functions started introducing agile working methods.

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