In performance we trust

We are a global team of consultants from different disciplines and industries.

Our passion is to continuously drive efficiency improvements to achieve outstanding results for and together with our clients.
We combine lean expertise with straight-forward implementation capabilities and incorporate new digital and agile solutions.
Our unique proposition is to steer our clients through their journey from strategy to measurable results.
We offer four key product categories in operations to serve our clients’ specific needs globally.

Operational Diagnostics

  • Quick analysis on operations and processes to identify untapped potentials
  • Benchmarking to best practices
  • Operations excellence roadmap to ensure value add and return on investment

Lean Transformation

  • Implementation of lean leadership and end to end process management
  • Operations improvements from management to shop floor
  • Performance management and cost cutting

Digital Integration

  • Process mining and big data analysis
  • IT-process optimization and harmonization
  • Implementation of  Robot Process Automatization (RPA) solutions

Operations Enablement

  • Building of sustainable lean capabilities and mind set
  • Lean academy and  coaching
  • People development

Together with our clients iCon Operations works along the entire energy value chain and in other industries.


  • Lean transformation program in power plant maintenance
  • Implementation of end to end process management in conventional generation
  • Shopfloor process optimization
  • Improvement of quality assurance processes
  • Implementation of KPI system and reporting structure
  • Lean management mind-set and behavior implementation
  • Video


  • Construction process harmonization and optimization in European renewables business
  • Definition and implementation of maintenance management system in On- and Off shore business

Energy trading

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery concept definition and implementation for multiple trading locations on a global scale
  • IT process harmonisation and optimisation of trading process design
  • Lean management and operational excellence

Grid & Infrastructure

  • Operational excellence program for major grid operator
  • Improvement of capacity management in decentralized grid
  • Definition and implementation of a mobile work force management system
  • Implementation of KPI system and reporting structure
  • Lean management mind-set and behavior implementation


  • Lean transformation in European retail business
  • Implementation of end to end process management in B2B & B2C segments
  • IT process optimization and standardization
  • Execution of cost cutting initiatives across retail  

Administration / Cross-Functions

  • Process redesign and implementation of operational excellence in finance, controlling, procurement and HR
  • Lean Transformation program in HR and administrative functions
  • Implementation and training of agile methods in IT
  • Robot process automation solutions in various functions
  • Video