Lean Transformation
Operative Grid

Lean Management Transformation program at a hard coal power plant aimed at improving operational excellence, end-2-end processes as well as leadership skills and customer satisfaction.

Starting point/situation:
In 2015, our client put a new power plant into operation . While facing the challenges of efficiently operating a
newly established plant, the difficult market situation and decreasing margins put additional pressure on the business.

What did we do?
In a 1st phase, our team conducted diagnostics to identify improvement areas with regards to operational excellence, end-2-end processes, leadership skills & customer satisfaction.

The 1st phase was followed by three implementation phases, where we used lean methodologies to increase team performance and process efficiency.

Client employees were trained in leadership skills, team performance and behavior.

Innogy Consulting generated a financial impact of approx. 1,5 m€ within the first year of implementation via the introduction of process management & continuous process improvement initiatives resulting in lower maintenance costs and higher reliability & availability.

Performance management showed a significant improvement over many KPIs, such as a reduction of open work orders/backlog by 60%, improvement of customer & client satisfaction by 3% each, and leadership skills by approx. 10% through systemic change and communication initiatives as well as training/development initiatives.

Lean Transformation Operative Grid
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