Within converging markets and industries we support our clients in delivering the optimal product and service propositions to their customers in the best and most efficient way possible.

What makes Retail so special?


  • new products and solutions breaking up industry boundaries
  • hassle-free digital interfaces
  • third-party providers and low-cost startups entering the market
  • electrification of mobility
  • the challenge of managing a comprehensive customer experience at low costs

and the list goes on. Each of these developments in itself is a challenge that innogy Consulting masters with its client.

Retail at innogy Consulting means ...

... working on the future of selling products, services, and solutions for B2B and B2C customers. This goes from supporting the development of a strategy and its execution to operational projects like the reduction of churn.

E-mobility is a further core part of our service portfolio. We design strategies, products and the perfect customer journey for clients from different industries.

Our people are experts ...

… in retail and the energy industry and have gained their knowledge in other industries and top consultancy firms. We support projects across a number of European markets.

Our vision is to combine …

… our knowledge about the energy industry with that gained in other sectors (e.g. automotive) to unleash the full power of merging industries and true disruption.

B2C CX Factory Shaping customer experience
Rise Transformation of the B2B business
Churn prevention Strengthening customer loyalty