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Customers’ expectations of how companies interact with them are rising due to experiences with digital disruptors.

In a retail B2C strategy we identified Customer Experience (CX) as one of the main levers for the B2C segment.

The Customer Experience (CX) Factory is the global journey excellence unit of our clients B2C business, delivering superior experiences for customers and realizing cost efficiencies.

Setup phase

For our client, innogy Consulting developed a concept for setting up a new unit, the CX Factory. This included organizational structure, KPIs, ways of working as well as location.

Within the CX Factory, we have redesigned first customer journeys and have implemented first pilots in Germany and the Czech Republic.

Additionally, we implemented capability building sessions for the 15+ CX ambassadors from all client markets in topics like Design Thinking, Design Sprints and SCRUM.

Scale up phase

After a successful launch of the CX Factory, we extended our efforts to all customer journeys. This especially included the preparation, conduction and debrief of bi-weekly customer journey mapping and journey redesign workshops.

In order for the CX Factory to gain traction within our client’s international operations, iCon has developed a target operating model (TOM). The TOM defined the roles, processes and decision gates for an effective implementation.

Capability building was extended beyond the CX ambassadors to the journey owners in all markets.

Implementation phase

We were assigned to drive implementation of CX Factory concepts.

Within a six-month-period, we developed MVPs for several concepts across all journeys. These MVPs were piloted with customers in real-life situations and have unlocked several million EUR recurring full-year financial impact.

We conducted thorough capability building sessions in multiple languages for all journey team members (80+ colleagues).

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