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Digital Customer Experience as a Success Factor

Customer expectations have risen significantly in recent years: The buying experience and the experience surrounding services, products and companies as a whole are decisive and influence whether products are bought again or services are recommended to others. Both the analogue and digital customer experience have therefore clearly moved into focus. At the same time, companies are entering the market with new ideas and impressing with disruptive models and unique selling propositions. It is especially the manner in which these companies provide information that strengthens the positive customer experience. This represents a great contrast to the old business world and sets completely new standards for dealing with customers.

Studies show that so-called customer experience champions, i.e. companies that take the subject of customer experience seriously and strategically optimize and advance the digital customer experience, are far ahead of competitors in terms of quality, profitability, growth, customer loyalty and market share.

Why is that? A good digital customer experience is not just about making the customer happy, it's also about achieving concrete business value: a customer experience champion maximizes the ratio between meeting and exceeding customer expectations as well as internal process efficiency.


Improving Customer Experience by using data seems to be complicated. There are many pieces of the puzzle from the areas of marketing, sales, UX, but also data & technology needed. Download our new white paper and you will understand the basics of data driven customer experience, how all the pieces work together and how you can start with your own journey in data driven customer experience.

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Guideline for A/B Testings

Efficiency when running an ad-campaign can save you a lot of money and help reach the customers you really want. One way of ensuring that is using A/B-testing proficiently. Our digital experts at innogy consulting have put together a step-by-step knowledge-guide on how to set up, excecute and analyse an A/B test in the right way for you to access for free below.

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How do companies become Customer Champions?

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A pleasant customer experience is not a date - it's a relationship! And continuous improvement is the key to success.