Future Mobility

Decades of experience in the energy sector, combined with visionary and strategic minds from various industries: our unique skill set ensures that our clients have a place among the thought leaders in the field of " future mobility". We pay special attention to identifying future needs and the long-term success of our clients.

The social expectation for an evolution of sustainable mobility solutions is becoming increasingly stronger. This is bringing new players onto the market all the time, competing for shares in the mobility mix. At the same time, the regulatory environment is changing.

Cross-industry cooperation may therefore be an option: New business models arise from the convergence of industries - that is our experience and conviction.

In Mobility Hubs, for example, we bring together partners from a wide range of industries to benefit from the new mobility. Infrastructure operators, hardware suppliers, service providers, traditional retailers and many others can jointly offer end customers much more relevant mobility solutions than each individually.

Our goal is to go further than just identifying business opportunities and bringing them to the market: we design specific, individual solutions and concepts, pilot, test and implement: from recalibrating existing models to meet changing market requirements to cost-related optimization in the existing mobility business.

With our in-house expertise we can support you from conception to implementation of, for example, data-driven business models - together with our Digital Practice. Based on extensive energy and mobility expertise and our analytical approach, innogy Consulting is the partner at your side to identify, develop and scale your potential in the area of new mobility solutions.

We support you in translating the vision you have for your share in the mobility of the future into a sustainable business model - from an informed, future-proof strategy to long-term implementation.

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