Smart City

Innovative, green and smart – concepts for cities of the future

Today, cities and municipalities face many challenges: How can a city be made more sustainable? How can the growing volume of traffic be managed? And how can urban services be offered in a simple, digital and cost-efficient way?

Cities of the future are characterized by three features

  1. SMART: Digital solutions
  2. GREEN: Sustainable solutions
  3. INNOVATIVE: Resources and competencies

Achieving such a goal requires a sound and comprehensive strategy. It is essential to take a holistic view of individual ideas and link them with each other, to strategically promote solutions and implement them in a scalable and long-term manner - for example by means of an agile city management model. The goal is always the same: to increase the quality of life of citizens in the long term.

For many years innogy Consulting has been providing independent and unbiased advice on questions concerning the city of the future. Our clients particularly appreciate our strategic approach and our ability to set up a holistic strategy for a city. This is made possible by our expertise in the fields of energy industry, eMobility or district solutions. On this basis, we have already developed a number of smart city concepts and "green" strategies and turned them into reality with pilot projects.

City Noise Reduction

In densely populated areas, noise can be a real issue: it has serious health consequences for urban inhabitants, decreases productivity and devalues real-estate. Our experts at innogy consulting have put together a white paper for you that elaborates on challenges around noise reduction in cities and why it is paramount to tackle them. Read now!

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Advisory services for cities

City Cockpit

We support you in the digital development of your city: Together we create transparency and collect the necessary data to realize valuable use-cases such as forward-looking planning and real-time control. The focus is always the benefits for the city and its citizens.

Decarbonization simulation

We make the energy turnaround of your city a reality: We focus on quick wins as well as structural potential. Following an analysis of the city's energy needs, we develop concrete decision scenarios for the energy infrastructure, for example to achieve CO2 neutrality.

Sustainable district solution

We analyse which urban districts have high potential for sustainable upgrading and evaluate measures for efficient energy generation, distribution and use. In addition, we develop concrete concepts for the redevelopment of the district and, if necessary, accompany the implementation of the measures.

Urban mobility

We take a long-term view of inner-city mobility and, in order to cope with increasing traffic volumes, we rely on a mix of alternative drive technologies, a sustainable modal shift and intelligent traffic control. Together with you, we shape the mobility of the future.

Process Automation

The potential of digitization and automation is often barely used in city administrations. However, today there are inexpensive technologies that digitize and automate processes with little effort and prepare data in such a way that it can easily be processed further. We support you in making your processes more efficient and thus reduce the workload of your employees.

City Agenda

We support you with innovative concepts to set up a holistic program for urban development. In doing so, we not only involve a wide range of stakeholders, but thanks to our expertise we also ensure that the overall concept is firmly anchored in the long term.


In an ever-faster world full of new technologies, innovations and business models, many city managers feel overwhelmed. With workshops and training courses, we show you ways to master urban challenges through the targeted development of knowledge in the areas of digitality, sustainability & innovation.

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Green, innovative and smart city concepts – for the city of the future

For sustainable cities there are three basic fields of action: Innovative, Green, and Smart Cities.

In the area of Innovative City, we enable our clients to implement a sustainable urban model - in a field of tension between politics, citizens' needs and the economy. The development of a Smart or Green City strategy, advice on funding applications and the qualification of city employees are therefore in focus.

In the field of Green City, we are addressing the question of how modern renewable technologies can be linked with existing infrastructure to ensure environmental sustainability.

In the field of Smart City concepts, we focus on the quality of life for citizens. After all, a smart city contributes to greater comfort through the intelligent networking of city life and infrastructure using future-oriented, digital technologies. This is where we advise our clients, for example, on the digitalization of urban infrastructure and intelligent street lighting.