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How does our Management look like? – Our Partners give insights

innogy Consulting wouldn’t be innogy Consulting with all it’s great colleagues and a great management taking care of all the projects every day. If you want to learn more about our Partners at innogy Consulting, you can find a new section on our website here.

New iCon article Online! - Bundling digital know-how: innogy’s Digital Practice

The energy industry as we know it is transforming, thanks to new technologies and innovations like smart cities, IoT, smart contracts, data analytics and artificial neural networks. At innogy Consulting, we are involved in actively helping to shape this transformation through a wide range of digital projects. David takes a closer look by interviewing Max Deitmer, our Digital Partner.

Bundling digital know-how: innogy’s Digital Practice

Greetings from Innsbruck – Winter Consulting Days 2018

This years Winter Consulting Days took place in the beautiful city of Innsbruck in Austria. The whole team from all international offices and the headquarter came together to exchange the latest updates but also to get company news during the obligatory innogy Consulting Meeting, which was held in a beautiful baroque room in our hotel. Several speakers had very interesting topics that were related directly to our consulting business. It was great to notice that our team spirit was present during the whole event. Check some impressions here.

innogy Consulting US publishes their first two Utility NEXT Podcasts.

Our colleagues from the US office in Boston have successfully published their first two podcast talking about different topics with some very interesting people.  Whereas Michael Stipa, one of our partners, talks about constructing one of the largest IPOs in German history, Christian Hoepfner, Executive Director of the Fraunhofer USA gives his view on solar panels and why they are so much more expensive to install on homes in the U.S. than in other parts of the world. Click HERE.

The Best Project Got Rewarded – Award Trip 2018

Every year, all colleagues can vote for the best project of the year. The ranking relies on different aspects like efficiency, costs and results. The winner is always announced at the Winter Consulting Days and the Project team will win a trip to a secret place. This time it was Dublin. After arriving in Ireland, the team was lucky enough to visit the Guinness Brewery and have a nice Dinner at a Restaurant. After visiting the city on the next morning, a great Outdoor activity challenged the teamwork again successfully. At innogy Consulting it is important to also acknowledge the work of the team. With this extra Award Trip, we want to let all employees know that there work and commitment is strongly appreciated.

New iCon article Online! - Digital knowledge for our energy future.

How can digitalization in theory be transferred to common practice? That was the task of David Gölz in one of his favorite projects at innogy Consulting. In our magazine he shows how he solved this task together with his team and why the project became a sustainable success.

New iCon article Online! - Smart cities – smart energy providers.

Turning smart city concepts into reality is only one of our tasks at innogy Consulting. But what does the term ‘smart city‘ exactly stand for? And what impact does that have on our clients? Our expert Kata Soós provides insights on one of the key issues of our future.

Our colleagues from Den Bosch, NL took part in a very interesting interview!

Recently, has published an article about our great international work in Dubai. Merlijn Esser, Jon Gadellaa and Lars T. Beke had the chance to spend several months abroad and gave some very inspiring insights. You can find the artile HERE.