Digital Attacker

An innovative technology platform for the energy industry of the future

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For this project we worked together with a team from innogy Retail IT, which was established specifically for working on the Digital Attacker. The project aim was to find new approaches that would allow our client to remain competitive in the energy market of the future. With the help of the Digital Attacker, a modern technology platform was to be set up and lean processes were to be developed in order to significantly reduce the costs of customer acquisition and support. 


To build a technology provider with end-to-end customer service at a low cost level together with the client, we take a radical, scalable greenfield approach. This approach represents a reimplementation of the SAP system - without impairing current business processes. While all data can be transferred, the processes themselves have to be adjusted.  


Together with the innogy Retail IT team, we first defined an overall strategy. This was followed by the preparation and ramp-up of the operative project team, which was responsible for tasks such as the creation of calculation tools and marketing measures. For optimal and efficient cooperation between the core project team and the IT supplier, we chose an agile project structure based on sprint logic. 


What was important to us was a radical redesign (greenfield) of the "Digital Attacker", without any interference from existing systems or processes. Only then it was possible to massively reduce the costs of end-to-end customer service. 


After setting up our project team, we succeeded in establishing a particularly efficient work culture through the use of agile structures. In a remarkable timeframe of just under 6 months, we were able to bring the technology platform, the processes and the responsible teams to market. The result of this close cooperation is the live broadcast of 

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