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As part of this project, our customer experience experts were commissioned to carry out a diagnosis of the user experience on the client's digital channels, in close cooperation with specialists from the Digital Practice and together with the retail unit of our Czech client, innogy. Only a few weeks of implementation time were available for this undertaking. Moreover, recommendations and concrete measures were to be developed based on the results, in order to improve the customer experience in the three communication channels examined - website, customer portal and app. 


To achieve the ambitious goals of this project, we have relied above all on precise benchmarking, our specially developed user experience diagnosis methodology and agile project management methods. By comparing the processes, structures and activities of our client's digital channels with those of twelve other service providers - from international energy providers to companies in the banking sector and telecommunications providers - we have identified meaningful reference values in a multidisciplinary team. On this basis, we evaluated the customer experience and then derived concrete recommendations.   


As part of the benchmarking process, we carried out a valuation in five categories: Content, navigation, structure and design, system and functionality as well as omni-channel implementation. For this project specifically, we relied on our own methodology for evaluating digital user experience. This model is based, among other factors, on various elements of common usability assessment frameworks. 

For each evaluation of the examined companies, we identified and prioritized digital trends and improvement potentials and developed best-practice examples for an optimal digital user experience. 



On the basis of this benchmarking, we have developed concrete recommendations on how the improved methods and processes could be integrated into our client's channels, in an attempt to sustainably optimize user experience. 

Our comparative analysis showed that our client's overall user experience on the website, customer portal and app channels was in the lower average of the companies surveyed. 

We therefore recommended, among other things, that the design be more consistently standardized and that navigation be significantly more consistent. In the interests of a better structure, we also advocated, for example, a clear separation of customer service and up-sell/cross-sell sections for each channel. In addition, we identified technical bugs within the digital channels and compiled concrete recommendations for solutions in a detailed report.   

Our client's Czech B2C retail management has implemented our recommendations to improve user experience. As a result, the coordination and control as well as the customer experience of all examined digital channels could be optimized. 


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