“Digital only” meets customer satisfaction

Optimization of customer communication automation

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We were commissioned by the platform operator revulution GmbH to shed light on their digital customer experience and to identify optimisation potentials. The aim was to increase customer satisfaction by improving customer communication and automating processes, as well as reducing costs to serve (CTS).

To achieve this, we had to overcome the following challenges in particular:

  • The registration and usage rate of the customer portal was low.
  • After customers signed a new contract, they often wanted to talk to a call center agent to check the status of their contract.
  • Customers were often rejected by Distribution System Operators (DSOs) or their existing utilities due to incorrect information, which required manual entry and resulted in delays and additional costs.

Our task was to develop solutions for these challenges.



On the basis of audits and an examination of the processes in the customer experience, we were able to develop concrete solutions. An accompanying data analysis enabled us to identify weak points. On this basis, we developed initial measures, discussed them with the client and then tackled existing backlog topics and ideas.    


Our analysis has shown that more than 30 percent of all customer enquiries relate to the current status of the new contract - a further 20 percent were made in connection with the new contract. To avoid these inquiries - and their time-consuming manual processing - in the future, we have implemented status tracking in the customer portal so that customers can view the live status of their contract at any time.

In addition, our analysis showed that the process of verifying incorrect customer information was costly: the customer had  been asked by Customer Service via an individual email to verify their details or to submit a copy of an old invoice. To automate this process and improve the customer journey, we recommended a new landing page where customers could view and correct their data at any time. If there is an urgent need for action on the part of the customer, an automatic e-mail notification informs the customer and refers to the landing page for data verification. In the new status tracking, the data can be edited immediately with a single click.

In order to counter the low registration rate for the customer portal, we also adjusted the order confirmation and the contract confirmation letters and highlighted the customer portal both visually and in text.


All in all, our comprehensive measures helped to significantly increase the registration and usage rate of the customer portal.

The newly established status tracking system, which is available to customers at all times, not only improves customer satisfaction, but also demonstrably reduces the number of telephone inquiries to the customer service hotline.

The implementation of the new landing page for checking faulty data creates a modern digital experience and will lead to a permanent reduction in CTS costs in the future.

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