Dubai's path into the energy future

Development of a sustainable integrated energy strategy

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Together with the government agency Surpreme Council of Energy of Dubai, we were asked to adapt the existing integrated energy strategy to the latest developments while also considering future changes in the energy market. The strategy includes concepts on gas (imports), energy efficiency, green mobility and carbon dioxide emissions, as well as a programme to achieve a 30% share of renewable energy by 2030 and 75% in the long term by 2050.

The aim was to incorporate the effects that future changes in all these areas will have on each other in order to enable a comprehensive concept for a more sustainable, reliable and affordable approach to energy in the Emirate of Dubai.


In order to achieve the best possible results, innogy Consulting also cooperated with numerous other stakeholders such as the city administration, the authority for electricity and water supply, and district cooling providers for this project.

We have developed both, a comprehensive basic design for energy modelling based on the simulation software PLEXOS as well as other models on topics such as e-mobility and solar roof development in order to show dependencies and different effects and finally to derive an optimal balance of all factors.

In order to account for the inherent uncertainty of future technological, economic, social, and political developments, we used a non-deterministic scenario modelling approach.


By bringing together the various strategy papers - on green mobility and gas strategies, for example - and by using our scenario approach, we were able to provide the large number of stakeholders with a solution that is now helping Dubai expand its lighthouse status in the region, and beyond. Both in terms of a sustainable, reliable and  thought-out energy strategy based on a rapidly increasing share of renewable energy, energy efficiency and CO2 avoidance, and in terms of the overall transformation of the Smart City - benefitting the population, the Emirate and future generations.


With this project, we have paved the way for 75% clean energy while at the same time increasing security of supply and lowering energy prices (LCOE).

We have fully integrated the supply and demand strategy of the energy efficiency programmes.

We have also fully integrated the strategy for green mobility. We are continuing to work on this strategy on an ongoing basis and will continue to do so in follow-up projects.

Ahmad Al Muhairbi, Secretary General of Dubai Supreme Council of Energy and His Excellency Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Vice Chairman of DSCE, Managing Director & CEO of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, during the public presentation of our strategy.

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