NWoW: Promoting new working environments

New working methods for more efficiency

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The group-wide New Ways of Working (NWoW) program was launched with the aim of continuously improving performance and increasing efficiency by introducing new ways of working at innogy.  

During the restructuring of their business, the management team of our client was not only dealing with the corporate restructuring, but also with conflicts on a personal level. With serious consequences that were reflected in poor customer and employee feedback, for example.  

As a change practice, we therefore accompanied the "Leadership & Direction" workstream to strengthen managers' leadership skills, improve communication and introduce the new program. 



We worked closely with the management teams to fulfil these tasks. The goal was to identify dysfunctional patterns at both personal and team level and replace them with functional ways of thinking and behaving. Through supplementary personal coaching sessions, we supported the managers in developing their own change and leadership skills.   


Our change consultants supported the process of team development in order to define a common vision with our client's executives regarding strategy and product offering and the way they work together - including a clear understanding of roles, responsibilities and decisions.

We then evaluated these results and discussed them with our client. In order to improve performance and increase efficiency, we developed extensive suggestions for changing dysfunctional behavior and action patterns. In the process, we made use of creativity techniques, feedback formats and storytelling, among other methods, and thus promoted an open dialogue on a regular basis.


By observing the interaction of the individuals in the team, we were able to identify dysfunctional patterns of behaviour and action and address them in the team. In intensive cooperation with the change facilitator, our client's management team opened up to break the patterns and resolve existing conflicts. In addition, we were able to support our client in expanding their own change and leadership competencies through personal, supplementary coaching sessions.

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