Smart City Solutions

Development of innovative, digital business models and solutions for cities and corporate customers of tomorrow

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One of our clients approached us with the ambition of using their infrastructure expertise effectively in the future. Together with the top management of our client, we developed an appropriate strategy.


The main component of our strategy was to set up a specialized department at the customer's site to develop Smart City Solutions.

The department will be responsible for digital and smart use cases, helping cities and corporate clients to bring the digital and the real world closer together.


In an initial implementation phase, we defined the target organization and designed the future product and associated value proposition.

Use cases such as Wi-Fi, disruptive communication, motion profiles and smart parking have been developed together with the client, enabling cities to create a smart public infrastructure.




Our project team successfully supported the client in agile product and business development, partner management, piloting and sales channel ramp-up in order to quantify the market potential.

Together we have planned and installed pilots on the company premises and with municipal partners and cities.

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